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Skin Cancer Awareness Fund Raising Apparel

Promote skin cancer awareness with a purchase of fund raising apparel designed by Butterfly Warriors. This group of 8 women, currently battling skin cancer, have created these designs that capture their unstoppable spirit.

Your purchase of SPF shirts or UV shirts help prevent exposure to harmful UVA and UVB solar radiation that may cause skin cancer. Long sleeve t-shirts are the best sun protection shirts because more of your skin is protected from exposure. Use broad spectrum sunscreen on other areas like hands, face, ears, neck, feet and legs.

In this collection the butterfly warriors have a women's neck gaiter or sun scarf. Made from the same UPF sun safe breathable material, the sun scarf protects the neck, face, ears and nose from over exposure.

Part of the proceeds from sales of this sun protection apparel supports Or donate directly to (Butterfly Warriors).

Read more about the Butterfly Warriors' battle with this deadly disease.